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Traffic Congestion In Hull

It probably doesn't come as a huge surprise to drivers in Hull that the city has been found to be in the top 10 most congested cities in the UK. According to a report published by traffic analysts Inrix, Hull is the eighth most congested city in the UK, and the 59th worst in the whole world.

The data suggests that Hull commuters lost around 68 hours to congestion in 2022. The Inrix report also states that drivers will have lost around £500 each as a consequence of traffic delays. The report also says that the average speed around the city during peak hours is just 18mph and 27mph during off-peak hours. As it stands, with its 59th place global ranking, Hull now has worse congestion than major cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Melbourne, Leeds, Milan and Hamburg.

In addition to costs that can be measured in terms of time and money, congestion, and the associated increase in air pollution, also damages the health of people in the city, including those who are in vehicles that are part of the traffic jams.

The question we need to answer is, "What can we do about it?"

Their are many possible solutions, of course. All have their pro's and con's. Public transport is one option, but for many it is inflexible and slow. If your day involves going to multiple destinations or you live away from more built up areas with good public transport networks then it is probably not that practical. Electric cars are also a superb option for some. On the downside, they are still quite expensive to buy and charging points are still not plentiful in some areas. Plus, you ideally need to have your own charging point installed at home, which isn't a great option if you don't have off-street parking. Which also brings us to just how much of our public space we use just for parking cars, but that is an issue for another time. Then we have the "active travel" option, which generally involves cycling or walking. A great option as it carries significant physical health and mental well-being benefits. On the downside, it is obviously not for everyone, for a variety of reasons.

The final option is where we come in! Our range of electric scooters, mopeds and motorbikes are a fabulous option in many circumstances. They are fun to ride, cheap to run and kinder to the environment than most alternatives. In Hull, you can ride in bus lanes and, with careful filtering through traffic, you can usually complete your commute quicker than any other form of transport during busy times. Plus, you don't have to plan your journeys around someone else's timetable. You can go where you want, when you want. Charging is also simpler than with an electric car. All models are charged using a standard 3-pin plug, so no special charging infrastructure is needed. It's as simple as charging you mobile phone. Plus, most models have removable batteries, meaning they can be easily charged in your home or workplace.

Obviously, our electric scooters/mopeds aren't for everyone and aren't always the ideal choice for all circumstances. But they are a great option in many instances. Are you ready to make the switch to electric?


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