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  • Do I need a special charging point?
    No you don't. All Niu models can be charged using a standard 13 amp domestic plug socket. It's as easy as charging your smart phone.. Plus the battery can be removed and taken indoors to charge.
  • What do I need to ride an electric scooter legally?
    Electric scooters are treated the same as petrol machines. So, to ride a 50cc (or equivalent) machine with a maximum speed of 28mph, you either need: A full driving licence, if you passed your test before 1st February 2001. Or a full motorbike licence. Or have completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and have a valid certificate. To ride a 125cc or above machine (or equivalent) with a maximum speed above 28mph you need: A full motorcycle licence. Or a valid CBT certificate.
  • Can you suggest an insurance company who will offer cover?
    With electric scooters being relatively new to the UK market not all insurance comapnies are up to speed. We understand that the following companies will quote. Bikesure: Telephone 0800 089 2000 Lexham Insurance: Telephone 01379 646 6529 LV - or telephone 0800 316 1225 Bennetts - or telephone 0344 412 2172 RAC - If you cannot get a quote online it may be worth calling as some models are not yet listed on the online systems. Please note: We are not able to personally recommend any particular company. This information is provided for reference only. As always, it is worth shopping around for insurance. We would, however, love to hear your feedback about insurance companies. The more we learn the better the information we can provide.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet?
    In a word, yes!
  • What warranty do NIU scooters come with?
    Every model is supplied with a comprehensive 2 year warranty and the battery has a 3 year warranty. They also come with 12 months NIU Assist Roadside Recovery.
  • Do you repair kick scooters?
    Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we are only able to repair the scooters that we sell. ie. KIQ and NIU models. We have spare parts for these models but not others. We do have a couple of places in Hull that we can recommend for repairs. Drop us an email at for contact details.
  • How soon can I have my NIU scooter?
    If we have the model you buy in stock we can have it ready for you within 2 days. If we need to order it it may take up to a week, although it is often quicker than this.
  • Do you service NIU scooters?
    We certainly do. As an official NIU premium dealer we only use NIU parts. NIU recommend servicing every 6 months to maintain your warranty. Servicing requirements arem minimal compared to petrol scooters and, therefore, lower cost.
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