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the city is yours to explore

UQi GT black
NIU UQi GT Pro in blue
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UQi GT Pro in red



Now equipped with 4th Generation NIU Energy AI powered lithium battery technology.

Leveraging intelligent big data, the battery technology reaches even greater potential through continuous performance improvement and efficiency. Insights extracted from billions of data points are at the heart of product research and development at NIU, 

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The upgraded ECU ensures you feel even more connected to your vehicle. Increased vehicle data points, optimized data algorithms, enhanced stability for your OTA updates and an intuitive APP that together provide you with excellent control of your scooter.

Newly updated ECU controller fitted in all new UQi GT models.

UQi GT Pro in red.png
  • Dual CPU Performance

  • 20 different sensors. Data updates 200 times per minute. More than 600 point of data analysis

  • OTA wireless upgrade


niu app

Making riding an easy and fun experience

  • View the status of 22 vehicle data points in real time

  • Multiple remote controls, accurate reminders and robust protection against theft

  • Track how much pollution you have prevented from entering the environment

  • One click after-sales support, convenient and efficient



Thanks to the latest V35 ECU, with enhanced capabilities, the UQi GT offers even stronger protection against theft.

new vehicle location in real time with 3 mode satellite positioning


Three-Mode Satellite Positioning

NIU Map.png

smarter alert system

The six-axis motion sensor measures the vehicle's acceleration and GPS positioning, meaning you can more accurately identify unauthorised movements of your scooter.

The six-axis motion sensor has improved accuracy and can detect all kinds of movements by your scooter. Alerts will be sent directly to your phone meaning you'll always be notified.

UQi GT from above.jpg

multiple remote controls

Check your vehicle status remotely via the NIU APP.

  • Remotely start and power up your vehicle

  • Remote vehicle fortification

  • Remotely turn alarm on and off

  • Remotely lock your vehicle

NIU App_edited.png


outstanding performance and control

The FOC controller is equipped with the NIU self-adaptive motor ensuring smooth and powerful acceleration every time you twist the throttle.

powerful niu self-adaptive motor

Improved performance with strong and powerful accelaration

Bosch Motor.png

foc vector controller

Our analysis of large amounts of riding data means the self-configured FOC continuously optimizes the motor's performance and therefore your driving experience.


sensitive braking

When you brake in an emergency, the CBS braking system will split braking force between the front and rear discs, reducing stopping distance and ensuring a safe brake at high speeds.

UQiGT Pro white.jpg

ebs energy recovery system

This intelligent system uses regenerative braking to recover battery energy, which extends your battery time and range.


beyond the norm

UQi GT.jpg

technology that adds colour to your life

smooth handling, added comfort

A comfortable riding experiencewith ergonomics at the centre of design. The scooter has been engineered to ensure the body is in a relaxed and natural state at all times while riding. 

  • Reasonable weight

  • 3-point stability

  • Low centre of gravity

  • Sitting height

  • Leg angle

  • Arm angle

internal and external perfection

Beneath its beautiful exterior, all internal structures are made of high quality materials and exquisite workmanship.

every detail considered

Every detail has been carefully considered, ensuring a pleasurable and comfortable ride.

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NIU Controls.jpg


bright iconic lighting

The UQi GT's 360 degree lighting system incorporates automatic light-sensitive headlights, daytime lighting, 270 degree semi-enclosed tail lights, and indicators that automatically turn off. Every part of the lighting design has been carefully considered to ensure the safety of both you, pedestrians and fellow commuters, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

NIU UQi Halo Headlamp.jpg
MIU UQI-76.jpg
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NIU UQi GT Pro in red.jpg
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UQiGT Pro in white.jpg
NIU UQi GT Pro in blue.png
uqi gt pro.png


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