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Pass The Cargo

NIU Hull are delighted to announce the launch of our Pass The Cargo campaign.

We are offering free use, for 7 days, of a NIU NQi GT Pro Cargo electric smart scooter to local businesses who are looking for an eco-friendly and cost effective way to deliver to their local customers.

The NQi GT Pro is the top of the range delivery scooter from NIU, who are the world’s number one manufacturer of electric smart scooters. It features a 3500 watt Bosch motor and twin Panasonic batteries, which produces a top speed of 45 mph and gives a range of around 75 miles from a single charge. Running costs are around 1p a mile, making them incredibly cost effective. The batteries are both removable which makes charging as easy as charging your mobile phone. No special charging infrastructure is required.

All NIU scooters are equipped with the latest smart technology. Via the NIU App, everything can be monitored, from battery consumption and driving behaviour to an anti-theft system that warns you when the NQi GT Pro Cargo has been moved.

We have also fitted a 132 litre Hippobox to the scooter to enable you transport your goods safely. We truly believe that there is no quicker or more cost effective way to deliver locally.

Please note: The NIU NQi GT Pro Cargo is a 125cc equivalent scooter so your designated rider will need a valid CBT or full motorcycle licence to ride.

Please contact us to apply.

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