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New from NIU

NIU have announced a whole series of exciting new models and upgrades for 2022 and we are delighted to be able to share the latest details with you.

To begin with we have the one you have all been waiting for, the RQi motorcycle. Initially it will be launched as the RQi Sport. Power will be provided by a 5 kW mid-mounted motor and chain drive. A pair of removable 72V 36Ah batteries offers nearly 5.2 kWh of stored energy, and it can be charged from NIU’s fast charger in under four hours from a typical home wall outlet. The RQi Sport is intended to be a city-oriented motorcycle, but with enough speed (up to 68mph) to allow it to be safely ridden on major roads as well as in more urban areas. It will also feature a 'Launch Mode' which will provide a short term power boost without having a major negative impact on range. Production is expected to start in Spring 2022, which should mean it will arrive in store next summer.

Next up we have the MQi GT Evo which, with a top speed of 62mph, will be the fastest scooter from NIU to date. It features a 5kW motor - the most powerful hub motor in the NIU range. It will also feature a pair of 72V 26Ah batteries, giving an expected range of around 53 miles. In addition the the extra power and performance NIU has included a range of new features such as keyless start, an electric steering lock, app enabled sharing profiles to allow riders to share the scooter with family without requiring a key and an all new TFT colour dashboard. Currently, we are expecting to see this model in store at NIU Hull in February 2022.

NIU always like to spring a surprise or two at EICMA and 2021 was no different with the announcement of the BQi electric bicycle. The eBike will have a single speed belt drive and a 250W Bafang motor. A pair of NIU’s removable batteries form a V-shape in the step-through frame. An integrated rear rack should also allow for a variety of accessories to be fitted. The BQi will also connect to the NIU smartphone app, allowing it to take advantage of NIU’s security features and smart tech.

Two additions to the forthcoming NIU KQi3 kick scooter were also announced. Firstly, the KQi3 Max is an upgraded version of the KQi3, sitting above the Sport and Pro versions already announced (which we will have available in mid-December). Also announced today was the KQi2 Pro, a smaller, lighter and cheaper kick scooter with an expected range of around 25 miles. It will also feature custom grip tape, allowing a degree of personalisation. The arrival date of these two new eScooters hasn't been confirmed to us at the time of writing, but we will update you as soon as we have details.

One final surprise was the YQi concept scooter, which is a petrol/electric hybrid and is designed to help tempt petrolheads to start to move away from fossil fueled models towards an electric future. A NIU spokesperson suggested that it will feature a “150cc liquid cooled engine and 2400W mid-mounted electric motor to achieve top speeds and acceleration times that can be found in 250cc+ motorbikes.” A total of 14.5 kW of power would be available between the petrol engine and electric motor, offering speeds of up to 68 mph. This one certainly took us by surprise and it will be interesting to see if it ever reaches production.

We hope you have found the announcements of the new models as interesting and exciting as we have. We look forward to learning more details and confirming arrival times and pricing. Once we know more we will be sure to share it with you. In the meantime, we still have a showroom and website packed with exciting NIU models. Come and have a try one day!

Lets make life electric.

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