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Magnus Gjoen x NIU

We are delighted to announce that we will be displaying this incredible @magnusgjoen masterpiece in our NIU Hull store from 15-22 February 2022.

It was created using his signature mixture of delft blue and an unconventional medium, in this case a NIU MQi+ Sport electric scooter! And on March 18th, in support of the Brighton rewilding org, @connectingtheroots, this beauty will be auctioned off!

Magnus Gjoen is a multi-media artist who works with everything from porcelain to fibreglass, prints to painting, and now, electric scooters.

Born in London to Norweigan parents, Gjoen grew up in Switzerland, Denmark and Italy as well as in the UK and has exhibited his art worldwide.

His inspiration behind his design on the NIU MQi+ sport scooter originates from his signature use of juxtaposition and porcelain. Magnus uses an old medium of delft blue and applies it to a modern electric scooter to create the final look.

Equipped with a 18650 power lithium battery, the MQi+ Sport gives you a range of 45-65km and reaches a top speed of 28mph.

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