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Insuring a NIU electric scooter

We often get asked about insurance quotes for electric scooters. It seems not all insurers are up to speed with the latest electric scooter models. However, we are aware of at least four companies who are willing to quote. Please note: These are not recommendations and other insurers are available.

Bikesure - - or call them on 0800 089 2000

Lexham Insurance - - or call them on 01379 646 6529

Bennetts - - or call 0344 412 2171

If you are wanting an electric scooter for fleet or delivery purposes, the following companies specialize in offering such cover:

As with all insurance it pays to shop around. Please don't get too disheartened if your first quote seems high. Keep trying! Also, we would very much appreciate your feedback on these companies. Also, if you have any other recommendations we would love to hear from you. The more quality feedback we get, the more we can help fellow scooter riders in the future.

Good luck and happy scootering!

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