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Sleek, practical, and powerful, the techtron® Elite 3500 is the most popular electric scooter in the range. It features a convenient, handlebar braking system - like those you would find on a bike, rear suspension, and 10" anti-skid tyres for a more comfortable ride. 

The Elite 3500 also features a unique LCD front panel, LED lights that combines functionality with design.


This model is available in four fabulous colours:


Neon Orange
Neon Blue 
Neon Green 
Neon Yellow 




  • 15.5mph maximum speed
  • 18 mile maximum range
  • 350W motor (700W Peak)
  • 3 speed modes
  • Cruise control
  • 5-6 hour charge time
  • 37V 10Ah battery
  • IPX4 level water resitance
  • Puncture proof anti-skid honeycomb tyres
  • 10" wheels
  • Hill incline 15%
  • 14.5Kg total weight 
  • 120Kg (19 stone) maximum load
  • Folded dimensions: 535mm x 1145mm
  • Unfolded dimensions: 1185mm x 1145mm
  • Recommended age: 16+ years
  • Front wheel drive
  • E-ABS front brake, rear disc brake
  • Thumb press throttle
  • Front & rear LED lights
  • techtron® app for iOS and Android
  • 12 month warranty


Current eScooter law - not to be used on public roads, cycle paths or pavements. Only on private land with the landowner's consent.

Techtron 3500 Elite

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